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Our media team put Head Coach and owner Charlie Pomroy on the spot with 10 questions about the debut season in Professional football......


Q. Do you see the season at a Succuss or failure? 

"Both!! We set targets and we didn't hit them. Our performances were well below the par that I was born expecting and find acceptable. However, it was April 27th when I was told we had to finish the season or face a lifetime ban. Since that moment it's been head down and finish the season. That's Succuss" 


Q. What was the hardest thing about this season? 

"So many times things out of my control have immediate impact on my ability to do my job. Constantly putting out

fires you didn't start or even know were happening until it's too late makes it impossible to be at effective as you want to be. Having to accept responsibility regardless of fact, intent or fault was incredibly difficult" 


Q. If you knew then what you knew now, what would you do different? 

"Quit after game one!! I don't think there is anything I could've done that would change the way things are organized or the level of incompetence you have to deal with. I can't ever imagine it getting better but we live in hope" 


Q. We started the season with a famous win. Then the next 3 games were very tight losses. When did it start to go wrong? 

"I can actually pin point 3 moments this season that killed the momentum or energy. BMC away in the third game, we were made to change our starting line up 30 minutes before kick off. The reason didn't make sense and the more I questioned the more obvious it became we were up against impossible odds. The second was  Thong Khnom on the Monday.  Something went wrong that day and I'm still unsure what. Then finally the game stopping vs National Academy.  We had a goal disallowed in that very moment. Fifteen minutes delay and when we came back out they battered us"


Q. What was the lowest moment of the season? 

"There's been some truly horrible moments. The lowest moments are the dark ones that happen at 3am. The sleepless nights I've had wondering how we can keep going. Young players just having their first child and me not being able to provide them with any comfort" 


Q. Who's been the best player? 

"We've had some stand out moments from a lot of very talented players. Are was incredible opening day, Bruno has great moments, La was superb in Hun Sen Cup. What you need at this level is consistency. Tola and Ratha are the most consistent players we have. Both are always in the top 3 performances in a game. 


Q. You're always talking about young players in Cambodia. Who are the players at the club you think we should be watching out for? 

"We have so many who are technically good and brave. What they lack is a little street smarts. Sakada is a fantastic defender, Pich has incredible talent on his day. Mate and Dina train hard but aren't quite ready for the games yet. Chhay, Chom, Tola are all incredible talents as well. I have two new boys King and Pich I love but the over to watch out for, Yat." 


Q. What happens to this group of players next season?

" I told them all that we wouldn't release anyone. They deserve a chance in better circumstances and I will give them that chance. However many will move on but it'll be their choice to do so"


Q. Will Bruno still be at the club next season? 

" We're working towards that of course. There is such a giant gap between the end and beginning that it's going to be hard for foreign players not earning salaries. He wants to stay and we want him to stay so fingers crossed"


End of Season Thoughts